Meet ZoOm

Frictionless Security
for Real Users

Liveness Checks & Face Matches are now fast, easy, and incredibly secure for everyone, regardless of their device. During onboarding, a quick video-selfie verifies 3D Liveness, compares the user’s face to their Photo ID, OCRs the ID Text, and searches previously enrolled FaceMaps for duplicates. When the user returns, ongoing face authentication again proves 3D Liveness and compares the new 3D FaceMap® to the one from onboarding. If they match, access is granted; no password required.

Brick Wall
for Bad Actors

Use your 3D face to unlock anything from a car door to a bank account. Real users get easy access, but bad actors and bots are rebuffed by Anti-spoofing AI Certified by a NIST/NVLAP lab and relentlessly tested by a $100,000 Spoof Bounty. FaceTec is the market leader that invented the 3D FaceMap, the biometric modality that provides more security, flexibility, and convenience than any other.

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For all modern
smart devices & webcams


Certified Liveness Detection
in 2 Seconds


Works in real-world lighting conditions


Great with Glasses, Makeup & Beards


Certified Liveness + 3D Face Matching

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