vs. Face ID

ZoOm vs.Face ID

Face ID is a specialized hardware sensor that unlocks one specific phone. Face ID, along with fingerprint readers are “Decentralized Biometrics” which can never replace passwords because the users’ data never leaves the device and no identity can be proven to a 3rd party.  ZoOm runs on over 10 billion supported devices because it is a 100% software solution that provides the flexibility of cross-device, cross-platform face authentication, and is the only biometric in the world to successfully pass the iBeta Level 1&2 PAD ISO 30107-3 tests.

FaceTec's ZoOm®

Apple's Face ID

Purpose Universal 3D Face Authentication Conveniently unlock an iPhone X or XS
Installed Base 10+ Billion Smart Devices [Android (85%) + iOS (14%) & Webcams Under 5% of in use iOS devices have Face ID
Portable Yes, Cross-Device & Cross-Platform No, one device only, biometric data can never leave that device
Technology Software: Real-time Computer Vision + 100% FaceTec built proprietary AI Hardware:Infrared Camera Array ($25) and Neural Network Chip ($26)
Interface Proprietary, Intuitive 3D Video Selfie: ~2 Seconds Glance at phone to unlock in few hundred milliseconds (claimed)
SDK Info Easy-to-integrate for Android/iOS, plugins for Xamarin, Cordova, Phonegap, Ionic and Appcelerator No stand-alone SDK possible, special hardware is required
Liveness & Depth Detection TrueLiveness® detection observes & measures  3D Depth, skin texture, eye reflections, eye focus, and many more human traits. TrueDepth uses projected infrared dots, and needs a special neural network chip to determine if the user is a match and is 3D
IP 2 US Patents on the 3D ZoOm process issued, +10 additional patents pending globally 20+ infrared related patents from the purchase of PrimeSense in 2013
FAR/FRR 1/100,000 - 1M depending on lighting and camera -  3-5% FRR in normal lighting 1/1M (Self Attested)  However, numerous False Accepts have been observed
Identical Twins 1/500+ Identical Twin FAR Apple says, “If you have a Twin, use a PIN.”
Children No observed issues authenticating children, but check local laws before using in your area. Apple says, "Children under 13 should not use Face ID"
3rd Party Testing/Certs iBeta – Certified Level 1&2 Spoof Detection iBeta – DEA EPCS Biometric Subsystem Certification UL – Presentation Attack Detection Testing Praetorian Security – Black-Box Penetration Testing None Publicly Stated
Additional Features Face Image Audit Trail, Multiple-Device, Cross-Platform , Liveness/Match Confidence Score, Store FaceMaps in a Blockchain Apple says the biometric data will never leave the device, but will store images on device for future upgrades to algorithms