• May02

    Kevin Alan Tussy

    Systems architect, 4-time tech founder with +10 issued patents, Editor-in-Chief:

  • May02

    Josh Rose

    Top 3D face matching, liveness and artificial intelligence expert, formerly with Microsoft

  • May01

    Satya Yenigalla

    M.S. (Computer Science), formerly with Samsung, Oracle, Cloudscape/IBM

  • Aug04

    John Bernhard

    M.S. (Computer Science), University of Notre Dame, M.S. (Statistics), Stephen F. Austin State University, B.S. (Mathematics & CompSci), Rose-Hulman...

  • Aug03

    Gregory Perez

    B.S. (Computer Science), UCSD, formerly with GILT and Microsoft

  • Aug04

    Jase Kurasz

    M.S. (Computer Science), DePaul University, B.S (Electrical Engineering), Purdue University, formerly with E-Technologies